Garmin release another new battery cover for Vector 3 pedals

Garmin has released a new battery door cover replacement for its Vector 3 power meter pedals.

This is the second replacement cover, following a redesigned version which was issued in June 2018.

In an email sent to Vector 3 users in March 2020, the brand offered a discount code providing owners with a set of covers for their units (or a single cover for those with the Vector 3S version). The replacement door is priced at £25.99.

The brand stated: “Garmin recently became aware of issues with the battery contacts of returned Vector 3 units. It was determined that the swelling of batteries under normal discharge over time can cause the battery contacts to become compressed, which could result in power drops and spikes. This, combined with the shock and vibration experienced in cycling, could permanently deform the contacts leading to disconnects. The battery swelling does not present any safety–related concerns.

“In an effort to improve the reliability and functionality of the Vector 3 system, we have redesigned the battery contacts and doors to prevent these issues from occurring. All Vector 3 owners can get free redesigned battery doors by entering the discount code below at”

The background

The Garmin Vector 3 pedals were received with great joy after the brand removed the  ‘power pod’ that featured on the first two iterations – designing its own pedal, with the strain gauge safely stowed inside. This meant users no longer had to torque the pedals when fitting, and also kept the crucial internals safer from bumps and therefore damage.

Cycling Weekly initially awarded the Vector 3s a 10/10 in the print magazine – however after prolonged use, we noticed problems including power spikes, battery draining and lost connectivity. Eventually, we downgraded the online review to 5/10.

In June 2018, Garmin released a new cover which it said had been “redesigned to optimise performance and improve robustness.”

Each owner received a cover or set of covers free of charge, via a discount code, and was advised to fit them “even if you are not currently observing sensor or battery cover issues.”

Reports from users suggest the new covers have been an improvement, though Cycling Weekly is yet to test a set of pedals pre-fitted with the new battery cover door – or, indeed, the new-new door.

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